Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Took off all the vinyl on the paint, and I almost forgot...the car is RED!
Eventually I will have another cool vinyl scheme, but for now I think I will enjoy the clean look.
(or try to at least...)
**Thanks to Jeremy and AJ (Ill Photography) for the awesome quality shots**

Friday, May 2, 2008


Sorry for lack of posts, I was trying to wait for some pictures of action shots but don't really have any. Anyways, finals are just around the corner and for once, I decided to stay at my apartment over the weekend to just buckle down and study.

A lot of crazy things have happened to my family over the past 2 weeks, and its beginning to affect me too. On top of that, school has been killing me as usual. Its almost over though, another week of hell and I am done! Summers here, new apartment, new roomates, work, play, drink, all of dat.

So the miata has been running, but not well. haha... As usual my car is a POS, the radiator is leaking, the slave is leaking, its eating oil, rattles everywhere, no rear window, blah blah.
Its a piece of shit, I am broke, but I still love it.

After last night, I remember the reason why I love this car, and cars in general. Just being out with friends in the middle of the week doing what we all love to do, in the midst of hundreds of stressors is one of the greatest relievers for me. So to all my late night friends, thank you for the good times. Its those little moments that get me by :-)

But its time for reality now, so I am sitting here writing on my blog, and not driving, and not hanging out. Haha.

Wish me luck on finals. Hopefully I can get my car to a better running position and enter more events.

Some random pictures.
The old ride height, that I miss :-( (Stupid RE-01Rs are so fat!)

Doing some figure 8s to get qualified for the intermediate track and DD20 in USAir

Getting teched by Earl at DD20, lookin high next to Tall Mark's beastly PS13

The only moving shot of my car, and its not too fancy as you can see. my car doesn't really make smoke... Haha, anyways thats corner 1, as I am about to link into corner 2, imagine hearing 3-4 clutch kicks every time I transitioned haha.
I guess I am not cool enough for KaizoPhoto shots yet haha, someday!!

Whew long post, I am done here.


Friday, April 11, 2008

dirty as a motherfucka....

Some pics, the fenders have been ghetto rolled thanks to earl since this picture, but here are some

Courtesy of Ill Photography, AJ, for the pictures.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

It moves!

Drove the car today. A LOT!! I put about 100 miles on it today. Everything works great, but there are still a few issues.

1. Need to re-roll the fenders, RE01Rs are being eaten alive right now
2. Exhaust leak between the header and midpipe
3. Alignment needed, hardcore
4. Needs new steering rack!

Other than that, this night has been awesome. Hung out with the roomates and other friends at China town, hit up all the spots with my friend Alicia, then did like 2 hours of solo driving, then had a photoshoot with AJ, then came home at 4:00AM. Finally nice to get some energy out there. Although I discovered that I had forgot EVERYTHING about drifting heh, even though I couldn't clutch kick or use e-brake, I discovered that all my steering responses were waay slow. So hopefully I can improve now.

So this concludes my amazing night, thanks to everyone who enjoyed it with me :-) Although the solo-action had to be the best.

Nothing better than driving with the top-down, blasting music, dodging potholes, looking up at the city skyline from right below. Perfection.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tsukuba Hyper Meeting 2008

I am sure a lot of you follow the auto-otaku blog, but I was so stunned by this video that I had to share it. ALL of the cars are sick, and it features tuner cars going head to head between the new Evo and Sti. Pretty cool stuff

Monday, April 7, 2008

quick update

It moves, but I still need to adjust the clutch some more, I dont think the car is fully going into gear. Other than that, it revs up REALLY fast now, I really like the effects of the flywheel

Up next: some rowdy exhaust system, new wheels, fix the top, new e-brake cables, and possibly a radiator if I feel it necessary. So who knows, at this point, I just wanna drive the car and drift it, dont care too much about the details hah.

IT did feel good to drive again, forgot how much of an escape driving is to me. Can't wait to drive it more! Anyways, peace.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Vinyl Ideas

Yeah, so I am officially a vinyl whore now, and on top of that, my paint is all fucked up cuz its old, and has a lot of dings and dents. So, to continue on in the spirit that Phil started, I have been recently been going through ideas for a new vinyl scheme. Lemme know what you guys think, Im thinking of pulling off ALL the white on the car, and replacing it with SBC vinyl.

Sexy Knights style bursts over the wheels, in SBC of course.

As for the hood, and other body panels, I dont know, feed me some ideas.

The right side of the car, I plan to rock a HUGE Risky Devil Vinyl, along with the motto.

The left side of the car will be reserved for company logos, including Stance, Touge Factory, TH Motorsports, Cusco. and who knows whatever else haha.

My goal is to make the car just look rowdy. Vinyl, scraping low, busted lip, whatever. boro boro ftw